Key Stage 2 Results

Key Stage Two: Outcomes of teacher assessment and test scores in 2017:

  Met Age Related Expectations Exceeded Age Related Expectations National
Reading (test score) 97% 34% 71%
Writing (teacher assessment) 69% 24% 76%
Maths (test score) 86% 31% 75%
English, Punctuation, Grammar & Spelling 86% 28% 77%

Gaining a Standardised Score of 100 or more means a child reached the ARE in a particular subject.

Red Barn average Standardised Scores comparison against National score:

Reading: 107.8 (104)

English, Punctuation, Grammar & Spelling: 106.5 (106)

Maths: 105.2 (104)

We are particularly proud of our reading progress results, which were the 2nd best in the Fareham area and the 12th best out of Hampshire's 497 schools.

School Performance Tables

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