SEND Policy

Our school vision states that all Red Barn learners should be achieving their potential. Our school progress and attainment data confirms our children are making outstanding progress.


Wave 1 – Quality First Teaching

Our children benefit from a very flexible approach to meeting their needs. Our teachers deliver a highly differentiated Reading, Writing and Numeracy sessions on a daily basis where the children are taught in guided ability groups. Daily assessments by the class teachers ensure the correct learning is planned in for the next day. This ensures that all children receive an appropriate level of teaching for them. Children are also expected to work independently at least twice a week to apply the learning from their last guided session. It is a system that has seen us achieve outstanding rates of progress for all abilities.

Wave 2

Children working just under the national expectation for their age receive an additional guided session per week from the class teacher. We deploy an additional LSA into classrooms where the need arises and this frees up the class teacher to deliver the extra guided session to our Wave 2 groups. The aim of this group is to increase the rate of progress that these children make so that they are working in line with national age expectations. Our data tells us that this is an effective method for accelerating progress.

Wave 3

Children working further below the national expected level for their age receive Wave 3 programmes. These are highly personalised intervention programmes aimed at boosting the rate of progress. The programmes we use are recognised interventions in Reading, Writing, Spelling or Numeracy or possibly a unit devised by our teachers to meet the need of our children. The class teacher identifies the targets for these children based on the ongoing assessments in class. These programmes are delivered in addition to the Quality First Teaching outlined in Wave 1 – not in place of. We have high expectations of all of our children and these programmes are regularly reviewed. If the provision is not impacting on the progress of a child, we can alter a range of variables in an attempt to see the desired progress.

Teachers plot and review progress on a half termly basis for their classes. Provision is changed on a termly basis, depending on the need of our children.

The aim of our S.E.N.D provision is for it to accelerate the progress of the learners so that they close the gap between them and the age related expectations. In the vast majority of cases, S.E.N.D should not be a 'tag' attached to children for the duration of their school life; if appropriate provision is in place, progress will be seen.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the S.E.N.D provision at Red Barn School.

Gavin Bater


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