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Red Barn Community Primary School

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Pupil Premium for Previous Year

Pupil Premium 2020/2021

Pupil Premium funding is allocated to schools according to the number of children that have been eligible for free school meals within the last six years, from service families or children who are looked after (in care for at least six months). The purpose of the additional funding is to ensure that the achievement of children from these groups is in line with the national average or better.

At Red Barn Primary School, we have used this funding to further complement our Quality First Teaching as well as seeking improvements in individualised provision. As part of our inclusive approach, we aim for all children to succeed, regardless of background. Through discussion with senior leaders, we are able to work with families to best allocate the funding to support children.

Pupil Premium Expenditure:

Red Barn received £57,833 during the financial year of 2020/2021. We will spend the money in the following ways:


Time dedicated 

Desired impact

Method of measuring impact

Responsible for monitoring

Additional Learning Support hours

At least 40 hours a week

To ensure that the classes have an LSA for Science and to deliver Wave 2 and 3 intervention programmes in addition to the standard English and Maths

School tracking documents


Additional lunchtime staff

2 hours a day

To ensure that we can offer structured lunchtimes with adult-led activities

Record of incidents


Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

10 hours weekly

To ensure that children’s well-being is supported

Teacher / ELSA questionnaires

Boxall profiles / SDQ


Dedicated time for Language intervention

5 hours weekly

To identify and address the needs of children with speech and language difficulties

SpeechLink assessment tool

SaLT service




2 hours weekly

Improve the fine and gross motor control skills of children

Therapy Pack


Therapeutic Storywriting

2 hours weekly

To ensure that children’s well-being is supported

Entry / exit questionnaire


Forces children support

1 hour weekly

To support children whose parent(s) are on deployment and away from the family home

Children questionnaire


Payment towards end of term treats


To provide an incentive to promote good behaviour in line with school behaviour policy

Attendance at end of term treat


Payments towards school trips

As and when trips are organised

To ensure that all children can participate in off-site activities to enhance their first-hand experiences

School tracking documents


Change 4 Life Club

1 hour weekly

To ensure that children are taught how to develop healthy lifestyles

Attendance register

Pupil Interviews

PE Manager

Extra-curricular sporting clubs

As and when

To ensure that children are able to access sporting opportunities outside of the school day


PE Managers / Sports Crew

Extra-curricular music tuition

30 minutes weekly

To ensure that children are able to access high quality music tuition

Music grading system

Hampshire Music Service

Service Level Agreement for Hampshire Educational Psychology Service

30 hours of SLA time

To ensure that the more complex needs are supported by an Educational Psychologist. Advice for staff and support for the Inclusion Team

School tracking documents

Boxall Profile / SDQ

Teachers / Inclusion team

Inclusion Team meetings

One afternoon each term

Data Analysis: To monitor the provision and progress of vulnerable pupils

School tracking documents

Inclusion team

Monitoring the effectiveness of the programmes

One afternoon each term

Observations of programmes being delivery and feedback offered / triads facilitated

Lesson observations

Inclusion team

Funding for Year 5 & 6 to attend Forces Day at University of Winchester


Children to participate in activities with children from similar back grounds

Pupil Conference from governor

Inclusion team

The expenditure and impact of the Pupil Premium Funding will be analysed at the end of each school year by the Inclusion Team.

Date of next review: September 2022

Achievement of pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium funding in 2018-2019

These statistics represent the teacher assessments of the Year 6 children in receipt of the Pupil Premium funding.

Children in receipt of Free School Meals (6 children)

  Reading  Writing Maths
Exceeding 50%  33%  50%
ARE 50%  67%  50%
Close to      

Children from Service families (6 children)

  Reading  Writing  Maths
Exceeding  67% 50%   50%
ARE  33%  33% 50%
Close to      


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