School Dinners

We have an on-site kitchen where the staff cook meals to order.  Hampshire Caterers set a three week rolling menu.  There is a choice of two options each day, a meat (red) or a vegetarian (green) option.

As from Monday 3rd April 2017 each meal will cost £2.15. Meals can be ordered daily and we prefer payment either at the beginning of the week or on the day, in a named envelope. However, all outstanding dinner money must be paid by the Friday of the same week.

Hampshire Caterers can provide a special menu for those children who have a special diet or allergies to certain foods.

Click here for the latest menu

If you think your child may be entitled to a free school lunch click here for more information or please ask at the school office.

If your child does not have a school meal but is entitled, you can still register as there may be an occasion when your child will require a meal eg. Christmas or a special theme meal to coincide with a school project or special event. 

If your child is going to be late, eg. because of a medical appointment and will miss the ordering of their meal, please give the office a call so we can give to the kitchen the correct meal choice. Meal orders close at 9.45am.