Our Learning Values

Our learning values are: Teamwork, Creativity, Perseverance, Engagement, Resilience and Independence. 

The children used assembly time to persuade the rest of the school which animal best represents each value. At the end of the process each child individually voted and these are the animals we chose.

Teamwork AntCreativity HumanPerseverence Penguin

Teamwork - Anthony Ant Creativity - Miles and Sabrina  Perseverance - Petal & Pedro

Engagement MeerkatResilience SpiderIndependence Turtle

 Engagement - Minty the Meerkat  Resilience - Steve the Spider  Independence  - Turbo the Turtle

We believe these learning values are fundamental as they enable our children to understand the importance and relevance of different attitudes to effective learning.  

Our learning values are reinforced through frequent reference to these characters using our learning value toys, lanyards and displays. These provide clarity of when and how to demonstrate each skills in a real context.

Which of our values have you demonstrated today?

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