Foundation Stage - Mr Milburn, Mrs Villiger, Mrs Riddell, Mrs Newport, Mrs Melish-Smith and Mrs Holmes.


Once Upon a Time Year R voted for ‘Fee-Fi-Fo-Fairytales’,

In a land far far away with fire breathing dragons and magic spells.

Sharing the story of ‘Zog and the Flying Doctors’ for Foundation Friday,

Combining with Year One children for Science during Transition Tuesday,

Growing our very own beanstalks and comparing the different heights,

What does a beanstalk need to survive? Water, air, nutrients and light!

Counting, sorting and ordering Jack’s special magic beans,

Having twice as many golden eggs by making doubling machines.

Which of the materials will make the strongest house for the three little pigs?

Will it be the brick house, the straw house or the house made of twigs?

Making our own Gingerbread Men… Bake, bake, bake, as fast as you can,

Working as teamwork ants to build a trap to catch the Gingerbread Man!

Reinventing traditional fairytales like Little Red Riding Hood,

For example; the big bad wolf might just turn out to be good.

We will explore the key fairytale themes in the fantasy film, ‘Shrek’,

And build a house fit for an ogre on our woodland welly walk trek.

We will create our own fairytales using our different story rocks,

And discuss the story elements including characters, setting and plot!

An end goal trip to Portchester Castle to share our very own fairytales,

With enchanted kingdoms, giant beanstalks and magical dragon scales.

A golden Easter egg hunt to end the term in the outdoor area,

Where all the children in Year R will live (and eat) happily ever after!

The Year R Team

Mr Milburn, Mrs Villiger, Mrs Riddell, Mrs Newport, Mrs Melish-Smith and Mrs Holmes.

Past Learning

Year R 2018-19

Mission to Mars

Wriggle, Rhymes and Roar