Foundation Stage - Mr Milburn, Mrs Riddell & Mrs Villiger

A very warm welcome to all the children starting in Year R,

Our first topic is 'Mission to Mars' so get ready to travel far!

We will use fruits to represent the planets and their distance from the sun,

Climbing aboard our shiny role-play space station will be lots of fun,

Our Year R class rules will remind us all to respect each other and share,

We will have to keep our eyes peeled for any aliens stealing underwear!

Ordering different underpants on the washing line from numbers one to twenty,

From Mum’s frilly knickers to Grandpa’s woolly longjohns… we certainly have plenty!

Making our very own roaring rockets with 3D shapes inspired by Zoom, Rocket, Zoom!

5-4-3-2-1… BLAST OFF! Space helmets at the ready as we orbit to the moon.

Our space missions will include weighing moon rocks and writing in the moon dust,

Using bee bots as space buggies and launching our rockets with extra thrust,

Making our own moon rock cakes for the Great Space Bake Off,

Measuring all the ingredients before we begin to BLAST OFF!

We will work as teamwork ants to help our martian friend,

Whose ship crash lands on the moon and whose engine needs a mend,

Designing star catchers based on our favourite books by Oliver Jeffers,

Using foam lightsabers to practice the formation of our newly learnt letters,

Practising our hyperspace jumps and dark side dodging as we train like Jedi,

Creating our own space dance in PE as we soar into the sky,

A week of astronaut training to celebrate our very first topic end goal,

Navigating our way past crashing comets, shooting stars and black holes,

Please remember your PE kits and bookbags every day,

As we launch our first term at Red Barn... in a galaxy far, far away!

The Year R team

Mr Milburn, Mrs Villiger and Mrs Riddell

Past Learning

Year R 2018-19