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Red Barn PrimaryRed Barn PrimaryIf you are having difficulties with the cost of energy bills, you may be eligible for a FREE fuel voucher from Citizens Advice to help pay for your utilities. For more details and to find local branch contact details visit the Citizens Advice website:
Red Barn PrimaryRed Barn PrimaryRT @redbarnprimary: The wildflower meadow planted by year 4 is looking lovely!
Red Barn PrimaryRed Barn PrimaryThe wildflower meadow planted by year 4 is looking lovely!
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Red Barn PrimaryRed Barn PrimaryRemember to have a conversation with your children about their online activities. Who are they talking to? How are they keeping safe?
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Year 6 – Mr Bater, Mrs Loveless, Mrs Lolljowaheer, Mrs Gatland, Mrs Mellish-Smith & Mrs Wilkinson

Do you know which building is the tallest in London and one of the most futuristic to look at? And can you name the slightly tilting tower in north-east Italy which is famous for not being vertical due to the soft ground it was built upon? And are you familiar with the well-known Chinese wall that spans over 13,000 miles?

If so, you will love Year 6’s choice for their next topic of the year:

Buildings and Engineering: Past, Present and Future

Where better to start learning about building and engineering than the ancient Mayan civilization?  Our History sessions will see us explore the ancient Mayan Civilization through a ‘Mantle of the Expert’ approach, where we will be splitting into expert groups and jig sawing our findings to reveal the everyday lives and achievements of men, women and children of this incredible Mesoamerican culture. To provide a comparison, we will compare the ancient maps to modern ones.

Our Literacy sessions will centre around David Copperfield’s A home for David where we will be crafting a description for a modern building which has been designed by the latest generation of architects…us!

All of this in addition our daily Guided Reading and Numeracy sessions, PE sessions on  Tuesdays and Thursdays and our session with Hampshire Music Service on Mondays.

Home learning tasks run from Monday to Monday each week.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Year 6 team

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