Year 6 - Miss Lander & Mrs Wilkinson

In Class 6, we have chosen “Secrets of South America” as our next topic this year.

We really enjoyed making the salt dough 3d continent maps as our hook. We all learnt a lot about the physical features of South America and can now even name and locate all of its countries! The Amazon rainforest sensory trail was also very interesting. Who would have thought that all those tastes, smells, sounds and images came from the Amazon? We all look forward to our ‘Sustainable Futures’ tour at The Living Rainforest on Wednesday 28th March to find out more! This will follow on from our Geography lessons where we will delve deeper into the ecosystems of the Amazon and the impact that humans have on these.

Our Literacy and Topic lessons will see us investigating the Geography of the Amazon Basin in Brazil even further where we will use the fantastic class Amazon River role play area during these lessons to practise our David Attenborough style commentaries to communicate what we learn. As an end goal we are going to create our very own documentaries about the Amazon Basin and the wildlife it contains.

In Literacy and Guided Reading sessions we have started learning about the award winning author Eva Ibbotson. We will be reading ‘Journey to the River Sea’ and will use this as inspiration for some of our own writing.

Our Dance, Art and Music lessons will also see us creating some rainforest inspired pieces.

All of this will coincide with our usual Maths, Computing, French and PE learning.

Our PE days are Wednesday (Athletics) and Thursday (Rugby).

Miss Lander and Miss Wilkinson

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