Year 6 - Mr Bater, Mrs Loveless & Mrs Wilkinson

Great Red Barn Sewing Bee

Year 6 will start the year flexing their creative muscles in their topic of 'Great Red Barn Sewing Bee'. We will look at our school clothes to ascertain their origin and see just how far and wide our garments travel from to make it to the United Kingdom. Will our socks be from Singapore, our jumpers from Japan or our shirts from Sri Lanka? We will find out. We will then delve deeper into the role of the retailer, studying the process of importation and identifying trends in patterns of exportations.

Our D.T. sessions will see us design and create our own logo branded garment based on the theme of 'Equality'. This will prove to be a chance to get as creative as possible whilst gaining the key skills of sewing and stitching. Roll over Rome, move over Milan, push off Paris…because Portchester will be the catwalk centre of the fashion world as we proudly display our wares to the audience. Of course, no fashion brand will make it to market without a well-planned marketing campaign which will be covered in our I.C.T. sessions.

Whilst in Literacy we will be studying poetry with nature at the heart of it to develop our skills of higher level writing. This will be complemented in Art as we craft landscapes linked to our writing.

All of this will be in addition to the daily Guided Reading sessions and Numeracy sessions.

We of course have the small matter of our residential visit to the Isle of Wight to look forward to as well.

Busy times in Year 6!

Mrs Loveless, Mrs Wilkinson and Mr Bater

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