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Red Barn Community Primary School

Red Barn Community Primary School

Small School Large Family
Small School Large Family

Year 5 – Miss Bennett, Mrs Hillyer and Mrs Todd-Wickenden

Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera, Action is the name of our new topic,

And in history Year 5 will direct and film a biopic,

Depicting the lives of monarchs – future, present and past,

Directed by the creative and innovative Year 5 cast,

Inspired by David Attenborough a documentary they will capture

The journey along the river in an exciting new chapter,

which showcases their geography knowledge of rivers’ features,

To the tropical rainforest they will travel with its exotic creatures,

To write a poem in literacy to inform the audience of the new destination,

With our descriptive vocabulary, metaphors and personification.

In computer science we’ll code and debug to perfect our programming skills,

To ensure our ‘forever loops’ in our games fill the audience with thrills.

In music the rhythm of the soundtrack to films we’ll explore,

As we develop our drumming skills – what’s that? Encore!

As the director shouts “Cut!” when our topic is complete,

We’ll showcase our own films – make sure you get a good seat!

As part of our science learning, we will be learning about Sound. Year 5 will explore the concepts of pitch and volume alongside exploring how sound travels and how we are able to hear sound. Year 5 will investigate the factors that affect the pitch and volume of a sound.

Our PE day is on a Wednesday. Please can you ensure that your child is wearing their PE kit when they come into school on Wednesday.

Homework will be given on a Monday and will be due in the following Monday. Your child has also been given a green reading card to bring home for you to sign when they have read at home. We love hearing about the books they are enjoying at home.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Bennett, Mrs Hillyer and Mrs Todd-Wickenden

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