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Red Barn Community Primary School

Red Barn Community Primary School

Small School Big Family
Small School Big Family

Year 5 – Miss Bennett, Mrs Todd-Wickenden & Mrs Gatland

Pesky Plague and Marvellous Medicines

For their first topic of the year, Year 5 have chosen to travel back in time to the 17th century to discover more about the plague that occurred in 1665. To hook us into our topic we will be having a day themed on life in the 1600s, where children will take part in activities related to the time period and will get to visit the apothecary to explore the many medicines used in the past.

In history we will be learning about the plague in 1665 and how that affected the city of London. We will be comparing the epidemic in 1665 to the Covid-19 pandemic. Children will learn about how the plague spread and the cures that were suggested to help those infected with the plague.

We will be exploring the ‘Ghost Mystery’ as part of our Literacy learning and will explore our sense to help us to develop our ability to effectively create an atmosphere within our narrative writing. Additionally, we will be using our research from our history to help us to structure an informative report to tell our readers all about the plague.  

As part of our computer science learning, we will be further enhancing our programming skills as we learn to use loops within our code to ensure the effectiveness of our algorithms. This will enable us to dictate how many times a sequence runs for and will require our perseverance and resilience learning values.

Inspired by the work of The Beatles, we will explore how different scale patterns influence music. We will also be looking at the song structures expressive structures and will apply our learning to develop our musical skills.

In science, we will be learning about materials including solids, liquids and gases. We will be applying our knowledge of solutions to explore how we can create and separate a variety of mixtures.

Our weekly spelling and times table homework will be set on a Monday and will be due in on the following Monday.

Our PE day is a Thursday. Please ensure that your child comes into school wearing their PE kits.

Thank you for your support.

Miss Bennett, Mrs Hillyer and Mrs Todd-Wickenden.

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