Year 5 - Mrs Haden-Brown & Mrs Tamblyn

In our last topic choice of Year Five, the class have decided to become at one with nature and will study ‘The Great Outdoors’.

This topic lends itself perfectly to the study of geographical features of the local area. We will be specifically studying the River Wallington in our Geography lessons and will visit the river  to observe and develop our fieldwork skills. This will be complemented by us also learning the Water Cycle and the various stages that this entails. There may also be home learning tasks linked to showcasing our understanding of this…

Our Design and Technology sessions will see us explore ‘Shelters’ and how they can be constructed. We will see what types of shelters can be constructed from within our own school grounds.

The Tennis sessions with Mr Rowland will continue until half-term on a Monday and we will also develop our Orienteering skills through P.E. on a Friday.

We will put those skills to the test with our end goal: An overnight stay on the school field. Putting up and taking down our own tents, entertaining the Year 3 class with organised activities and generally having fun will be the order of the day / night!

There will also be the weekly Science sessions where we will be studying the different ways that plants reproduce, as well as the daily Guided Reading sessions (which will see us explore the classic text Wind in the Willows) and Numeracy sessions.

Homework will continue to be set on Mondays.

This website is great for learning those tricky 'Common Exception' Words for Year 5 and 6.


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