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What links Man, Wight, Scilly, Skye and Hayling?

They’re all islands around the United Kingdom!

And that is exactly what Year 4 will be discovering over the last part of the Summer Term. We will be exploring ‘Islands of the UK’.

Here on the South Coast, we are near to many islands and we will be making the most of this by visiting the Isle of Wight as a hook to engage the children. This trip will see us take the role of detectives as we undertake ‘Operation Ryde’ and discover the similarities and differences of Ryde and Southsea on the mainland.

Back in school, we will study maps and statistics to be able to compare Southsea and Ryde during our Geography sessions. We will also explore the benefits and issues linked to tourism in these areas.

Our creativity muscles will be flexed in our DT sessions as we design and create logos for T-shirts and practise our sewing skills to produce an eye-catching end product.

The Art sessions will see us develop an eye for detail as we study and paint a variety of landscapes.

Literacy sessions will be based on Shaun Tann’s The Arrival which will encourage us to consider the emotional impact of emigration.

This exciting topic will culminate in a Treasure Hunt led by Year 4 for other children around the school. We will also be exploring our own school grounds for plant species identification in our Science sessions.

In addition to this, we still are privileged to have Miss Reynolds from Hampshire Music Service every Thursday afternoon. P.E. sessions will take place on Thursday and Games sessions will take place on a Friday, as will Spellings and the weekly homework tasks. All of this in addition to our daily Guided Reading and Maths sessions will mean we are in for a busy end to the year!

Oh, and the small matter of the Key Stage Two production in July as well! We look forward to sharing our performance with parents already!

All in all, exciting times in Year 4.

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