Year 4 - Mrs Haden-Brown, Mrs Cloherty, Mrs Mellish-Smith & Mrs Tamblyn

Lights, camera,’s Strictly Showtime!

Inspired by the latest series of Strictly Come Dancing, Year 4 have chosen to explore the performing arts scene of theatre and dance.

We are aiming to visit a theatre for a 'behind the scenes' tour to understand the various roles that go into making a professional performance. From the lead role to the sound engineer, everyone has a vital role to play and we will be aiming to gain an understanding of what each person does and the overall effect of their role. Inspired by this, we will be reading, writing and performing plays on our stage in the class role play area.

We will be discovering the similarities and differences between Spain with the UK for our Geography studies by comparing and contrasting the two countries. Continuing the focus on Spain, we will use our Dance sessions to learn the Spanish Pasodoble. Ole! The 120 steps per minute should develop our fitness too!

In Writing, we are going to produce guides for Spanish cities. We’ll explore what makes Barcelona buzz, what makes Madrid magnificent and the scintillating scene of Seville to name but a few.

To complement this, our Design and Technology sessions will be dedicated to applying and developing our knowledge of linkages and levers to produce engaging 'Pop up' pages, aimed at engaging the audience of the younger children.

We hope you enjoyed our keyboard concert at the end of last term. For the Spring Term we will be learning the ukulele in our Music lessons on Monday afternoons.
This is all in addition to our usual guided reading, maths, spelling, PDL and science lessons.

Swimming will be from Wednesday 23rd January to Wednesday 27th February (excluding Wednesday 20th February - the week of half term).
Please ensure PE kit, with appropriate footwear, is in school all week.

Children will have the opportunity to visit the library throughout the week and home learning and spellings will be set and handed in on Fridays.

Mrs Haden-Brown, Mrs Cloherty, Mrs Tamblyn and Mrs Mellish-Smith

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