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Red Barn PrimaryRed Barn PrimaryIf you are having difficulties with the cost of energy bills, you may be eligible for a FREE fuel voucher from Citizens Advice to help pay for your utilities. For more details and to find local branch contact details visit the Citizens Advice website:
Red Barn PrimaryRed Barn PrimaryRT @redbarnprimary: The wildflower meadow planted by year 4 is looking lovely!
Red Barn PrimaryRed Barn PrimaryThe wildflower meadow planted by year 4 is looking lovely!
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Red Barn PrimaryRed Barn PrimaryRemember to have a conversation with your children about their online activities. Who are they talking to? How are they keeping safe?
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Year 3 – Mrs Shaw, Miss Butler & Mrs Riddell

A pre-historic adventure!

In Literacy, we will be studying the book ‘Ug’ by Raymond Briggs, looking at the layout, humorous elements and the use of speech bubbles in comic strips, before using the best features to create our own comic strips about visiting the Stone Age.

Rocks, fossils and soils will be explored in Science as we investigate how rocks are classified and made and how fossils are actually formed. We will also study what the layers of the soil can inform us about the past. In Art, we will be looking into how the cave people made their own natural paints – and of course creating our own cave paintings for our topic end goal!

Our Maths units will include multiplication, division and fractions for this half term – a great excuse for everyone to eat pizza and cakes…as long as they are cut into equal parts!

This half term in French, Class 3 will be learning how to say the days of the week, numbers to 20 and months of the year, we will be learning them using catchy songs, fun games and technology. We will also be exploring the cultural differences and similarities, while comparing how Christmas is traditionally celebrated in France, compared to how it is celebrated in England. To top off all this fantastic French learning, we will be feeling extra festive when we learn how to sing some traditional French carols! We will also be getting festive in Music, with a unit called ‘Christmas is coming!’


Our sessions every Thursday in PE, will be focusing on gymnastics and how to safely use the equipment and create some beautiful balances whilst using it. For safety reasons, please ensure long hair is tied back and earrings are either removed and stored safely away or covered by ear tape.


Our focus will be ‘Safety’ in this half term’s PDL sessions and how to keep ourselves safe and what it actually feels like to feel unsafe. We will also be learning where we can go if we find ourselves in a situation where we no longer feel safe.


Please ensure that your child comes to school with a jumper/cardigan and a coat every day. As we spend a good proportion of our day making the most of learning outside, even in winter, it is always best to be wrapped up!


What an exciting half term we are going to have!

Mrs Shaw, Mrs Johns and Mrs Riddell

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