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Red Barn Community Primary School

Red Barn Community Primary School

Small School Large Family
Small School Large Family

Year 3 – Mrs Shaw, Mrs Johns, Mrs Riddell & Mrs Tamblyn

For our new topic you chose:

Construction, Pipes and Plumbing

This is going to link in to our history learning.

So, your orders for this Roman based topic are:

  • Discover what Roman life was like
  • Find out how the Romans came to Britain
  • Explore why the Romans are famous for building roads and spectacular villas
  • Investigate how the Romans introduced baths as a way of life

Did you know Romans brought us maths? Our maths learning this term, will build on our previous learning in addition to learning time and roman numerals.

Lets get marching!

Romans spent hours a day marching! Through Science we will be learning all about skeletons & muscles.

In DT we will be putting our Roman construction skills to the test by designing and building structures.

And, in PE we are going to put that Roman training to the test in our gladiator athletics lessons.

During the topic we have the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, so as part of our RE unit ‘Celebration’ we will be making bread and sandwiches for our class ‘high tea’ event.

Our class reading book is currently a timeless classic by CS Lewis, where we get to escape to the wonderful world of Narnia in ‘The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe’.

What an exciting term ahead!

Mrs Shaw, Mrs John, Mrs Riddell & Mrs Tamblyn

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