Year 3 - Mrs Baxter, Mrs Garlick, Mrs Simpson & Mrs Mellish-Smith

For our last topic during the summer term, the children have chosen the topic of Romans and Technology, hence the name "Romanology!"

As our hook, we will be enticing the children into the world of the Romans by visiting Fishbourne Roman Palace, exploring the life and times of people during the Roman period. We will take part in workshops and observe mosaics discovered during archaeological digs of the area.

This links nicely to our exploration of symmetry in maths and art, where we will design and create our own mosaics focusing on the geometric designs from this period.

In science, we will be exploring light, where we can see how the Romans used a sundial to tell the time!

Through our geography work, we will be exploring the countries the Romans invaded and discussing the reasons why, developing our map reading skills.

This will culminate in our end goal- a roman play, which we will perform for KS1!

We have lots of other events to keep us busy this term with Sports Day, our first KS2 play and our end of term treat! Watch this space for more information!

Mrs Garlick, Mrs Baxter, Mrs Simpson and Mrs Mellish-Smith

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