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Year 2 – Mrs Baxter, Mrs Garlick & Mrs Newport

Wonders of Wildlife“The Wonders of Wildlife”

Have you ever stopped and looked around at our wonderful world? Observed the wildlife and thought about the impact they have? Sat and listened….really listened to the sounds of nature? Well now is your chance as we explore “The Wonders of Wildlife.”

We will begin our topic by going on a walk around our wonderful outdoor environment, being nature detectives, exploring leaves and listening to the different birds in our environment. We will stumble upon an “archaeological dig site” where we will find bones! Who or what did they belong to?

In History we will be finding out all about Mary Anning, the famous female fossil hunter! Why was she so important?

In Literacy we will be exploring the book “One Day on the Blue Planet” which will lead us to finding out about different animals in the Savannah and creating information pages about them including fun facts!

We will also be looking at the poem “If You’re Not from The Prairie”, which will allow us to explore our own environment, creating our own poetry and linking to our Geography unit “exploring our local area” and comparing it to a non European country.

In Science we will be exploring animals and their habitats, finding out what they need to survive, and what they eat. This will lead onto our Healthy Eating Eatwell plate where we will find out about different types of foods, what we need to maintain a healthy diet and we will create our own healthy lunchboxes!

In Art, we will be exploring textiles and printing. We will draw leaves from observation, making monoprints which will then inform our sewing. Our end goal will be a demonstration and parent workshop to showcase our skills!

Our PE this term is swimming and athletics . We will be outside for PE so please ensure your child has suitable clothing for the weather as we will be on the playground and the grass. Please ensure earrings are removed and hair is tied back.

We are really looking forward to our last term in Year 2!

Mrs Baxter, Mrs Garlick, Mrs Newport and Mrs Herridge

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