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Red Barn PrimaryRed Barn PrimaryIf you are having difficulties with the cost of energy bills, you may be eligible for a FREE fuel voucher from Citizens Advice to help pay for your utilities. For more details and to find local branch contact details visit the Citizens Advice website:
Red Barn PrimaryRed Barn PrimaryRT @redbarnprimary: The wildflower meadow planted by year 4 is looking lovely!
Red Barn PrimaryRed Barn PrimaryThe wildflower meadow planted by year 4 is looking lovely!
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Red Barn PrimaryRed Barn PrimaryRemember to have a conversation with your children about their online activities. Who are they talking to? How are they keeping safe?
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Small School Big Family

Year 1 – Ms Loizides & Mrs Rumson

All Around the World

Pack your suitcase – in fact, you may need two because we are off to explore the world!

It all began when we found a suitcase in lost property. We opened it to find out who it belonged to, but there was no name inside… So, we decided to look through the case looking for clues to the owner. You won’t believe what was inside! We found treasures from so many countries and maps showing far away places. We also found a world globe, a pair of binoculars, swimming trunks and woolly gloves. How curious! We definitely need to learn more. So, this half term, we are learning all about our wonderful world in geography. We will be finding out about the five fascinating oceans and the seven super continents, using catchy songs (we could sing them to you – just ask!) and research from some fabulous information books. We will also become expert geographers and learn how to read points on a compass and how to read a map and globe.  In English we will be looking at poetry and ‘Where My Wellies Take Me’ by Clare and Michael Morpurgo. We will practise performing our poems and following the main character, Pippa, as she explores the country side. In art we will be travelling all the way to Australia to learn about amazing Aboriginal art; and using our art skills, we will make our own box totem poles. In science we will be investigating which material would be the best at mopping up Naughty Nora’s puddle and which material will stop the moon shining through her curtains at bedtime. We will investigate different objects and discover what materials they are made from and use some helpful library books to discover how materials are made. During our weekly Welly Walks we will be great nature detectives and observe what happens in the school grounds as the seasons change. We will learn the names of the trees and plants and find out if all the trees lose their leaves in Autumn and Winter. In DT we will be thinking about Santa and all the mince pies he will eat. To keep him warm and help Santa make better food choices we are going to make him a lovely vegetable soup. We will be practising our peeling and chopping skills and finding out where our vegetables come from. If we put the soup in a flask, Santa can take it out with him on Christmas eve. Then, when he needs a quick break between delivering presents, he can have some delicious soup.  We will finish our topic by having an amazing treasure hunt and putting all of our geographical field work skills to the test.                                                     

What an exciting topic this is going to be!

This half term in PE, we will be focusing on gymnastics and how to safely use the equipment and create beautiful balances whilst using the apparatus. For safety reasons, please ensure that your child has a pair of shorts. These can be worn under their tracksuit or placed inside their book bag, ready for them to change into before the lesson. Long hair needs to be tied back and earrings are either removed and stored away safely, or covered with ear tape provided by yourself.

PE is on Wednesdays.

Spelling homework is given out and returned on a Monday.

Our library day is Friday.

Reading and Numberbots homework needs to be practised for 10 minutes, 6 times across the week.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Year One team


Past Learning

Year R 2019-20

Worms, Wellies and Winter

Ahoy Me Hearties